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220 comentarios

  1. Schilling’s era was much more offensive-oriented than Hershiser’s. His Arizona years were incredible. Schilling blows him away in Ks, WHIP and ERA+. And I don’t think it’s very reasonable (or realistic) to expect the voters to completely ignore postseason performance. Besides, Schilling is a far, far more deserving candidate than Mazeroski, who should not be in under an circumstances. Puckett is arguable. I suppose an argument can be made for Hershiser. But Schilling, like some others, is a special case because of how dominant he was at his peak. That’s a qualification for induction, as far as I’m concerned.

  2. Your thread took me an hour to get through. Bachmann is a loon, and embarrassment, is unqualified and makes my skin crawl. As for social conservatism – how did that work out in 2008? Social libertarianism is thee way to go.If you do not like gay marriage in NY and cannot vote it out, move to Texas. How did social conservatism work out for you in 2008?

  3. Friends of ours moved to Fargo, ND a few years ago. Despite living amidst all that agriculture, they reported that there were virtually NO farmer's markets. The message seemed to be — we live farming, it's boring, who cares about what we do? And who wants what we produce?It took years before they could get involved with some local groups and support the organization of a farmer's market.So, I know what you mean. For many, farming is about making a living — not about walking the walk.

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  5. First of all….I thought they broke up after Wayne cheated on her? What the goss Londonites?And secondly what was she thinking? I love the jacket – so sweet, but it should have been worn with some cute fitted trousers, a simple top and strappy sandals….but that wouldn’t be very WAG-ish now would it??

  6. republican party = criminal corporate capitalism and? ignorant racist classism. It is quite surprising that a “party” that plunged united States into a recession close to the great depression with its consequent global ripple-effect has the corrupt guts to continue its media spin and lies as soon as a new one is in saddled with the herculean task of rebuilding its deliberate mess. The democrats should expose the republican party at any slightest one of their traditional lies and propaganda.


  8. Stire de ultima ora Dan Diaconescu candideaza in colegiul lui Victor Ponta.Televiziunea TOMBERON a inceput un nou serial fluviu CAZUL PANAIT in care jurati din studio analizeaza varianta crimei , sinuciderii sau a instigarii la sinucidere care este si ea o fapta penala. DDD a intrat in posesia dosarului Panait , se confirma ca-n tara asta totul e de vanzare

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  10. Hi, Mama Mzungu. Yes, the public school system and many of the traditional schools here operate in the same manner. I’m a believer in finding the education method that is best for the learning style of a child. I’m open to the fact that my son might want to go to a traditional school, and if he does flourish in that setting, then well and good. I believe in the “little bit of both,” provided that the discipline is age-appropriate, is is the curriculum and the concepts.

  11. It seems such an inconceivable act, on the surface, and yesterday I would have agreed with you. But I heard a Washington correspondent on the BBC yesterday, who explained carefully, and plausibly, that Ford pardoned Nixon because the fallout from the Watergate scandal was consuming Ford’s presidency. He didn’t believe that Nixon necessarily deserved a pardon, but he acknowledged Nixon had been humiliated and disgraced, and he was also desperate to write his own slate. That’s how the BBC explained it, anyway, which makes sense to me…

  12. Hi, this is Caren the former Green goalie.Sounds like you have a great team! One of the people you may not know is Marjorie, who is returning to red after 2 seasons off. She is an excellent player, both in terms of skill and personality. She was my D partner, much of my first season at D, really great speed and positioning. She is also great at cursing in French. Good luck!

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  14. Cero, hace tiempo que no dejo comentario en tu blog. Una buena ocasión para hacerlo hoy, cuando nos recuerdas que el Che también sigue vivo en tanta gente solidaria… Ojalá se reclamaran de su obra e ideas millones de personas en este mundo estafado.

  15. Przemku, przyÅ‚Ä…czam siÄ™ do twojego ukÅ‚onu w kierunku tych mÄ…drych firm – w tym mojej MiaÅ‚am przyjemność “obsÅ‚ugiwać” tÄ… uroczÄ… 65-latkÄ™. Niesamowite, jak bardzo zdeterminowani sÄ… Ci tzw. mikro i mali przedsiÄ™biorcy, by zaistnieć w Sieci. Fajna akcja.

  16. It is hard but just think at least you have a man you love alot who loves you back so much and you’re going to get married, some people never get that, and you do have a son, some people never get to have any children. I wish I had a loving boyfriend, I think you’re lucky, and I would love to be a mother and my biggest fear is that it never happens, be thankful you already are a mother to someone And maybe avoid the pregnant people

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  18. >What if the profits of a product were divided evenly between the people who made it?Because not everyone involved in a successful product made an even contribution? In theory if everyone did pitch in 110% AND everyone had the same level of talent AND there were no worthless people (*cough* *cough* most PMs *cough* *cough*) then it might work, or cause a mass migration over to Windows and office, which might not be what we want to promote seeing the not so great future that appears to await in client OS and bloated, clunky office suites.

  19. That’s great that you’re sharing with the more inexperienced wives. That’s how I’ve learned everything military related, from other wives. It’s even more important here, since we are stationed abroad, I don’t know what I would do without the other ladies. Once I get a little more experience, I hope to pass on what I know.

  20. I concede, perhaps the Big Show could stand a bit of a make over and $30.00 can mean a lot if it means gas, food or the show. But, surprise Sebastian, showing your art is not easy, being represented worst, living is costly and art is a demanding and expensive mistress.As for the opportunities it provides, it doesn’t, it provides a window, then you have to work make something of it.One question: How does schadenfreude come into this, bitte?

  21. What do you mean “Everything is tied into the debate schedule”? I realize you guys on the editorial staff think your endorsements make a difference but take a breath and look at history, newspaper editorials are meaningless.As I indicated, I’m of the opinion that the debate schedule dance had more to do with polling trends not yet revealed. Why else would the guy whose been leading in the polls want an early debate and the guy trailing want to postpone. You guys at the paper should use your heads a little bit and repress the egos.

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  23. En ce qui concerne le mot « dekemvriana » que vous utilisez, je vous signale que dans l’histoire moderne grecque « dekemvriana » est associé avec le 4 décembre 1944 (insurrection populaire à Athènes, juste après la libération; elle fut étouffé par le sang par l’action commune des troupes anglaises et des « collabos » grecs devenus miraculeusement défenseurs de la liberté).

  24. Wow, 30,000 protesters and a whopping 15 offensive signs — about half of which are only offensive if you really squint and try to see them that way.Clearly, the people in Madison are unhinged Marxists — maybe even THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD! EEEK!Or, at least 0.005% of them, anyway.

  25. Chociaż ja nie prowadzÄ™ bloga o tematyce kulinarnej tylko urodowej, to jestem w tej grupie dyskusyjnej – kocham gotować i lubiÄ™ czytać o Waszych niesamowitych pomysÅ‚ach na maÅ‚e co nie co W dodatku po przeczytaniu kilku postów o „opaczeniu” smakowitych foci zaraz biegnÄ™ gÅ‚odna do kuchni.

  26. Gran edicion a un precio prohibitivo para la epoca. Imagino que el alto precio de cada ejemplar provoco que esa serie no cuajara.Para mi en aquella epoca era inalcanzable. Tuve la suerte de comprarlo en una libreria de saldo en 1997 en Malaga. Recuerdo el salto de alegria que pegue cuando lo vi a buen precio. Es uno de los tesoros de mi coleccion.

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  28. Complètement hors fil : je fais ce soir garde-malade de ma très vieille maman et je regarde d’un oeil Thalassa au Maroc. Ca me fait rire qu’il y ait une marocaine qui dise la même chose que moi ! Elle râle parce que maintenant, pour un litre de lait, il y a un litre de plastique ….

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  31. And! She kept some at home for herself and put it on her salad the next day. Not only was it puny but it was puny because she was cheap and she rationed it. It might be excusable if she accidentally bought less than she needed or some odd thing but she brought a PORTION of a dip recipe to a party and saved the rest at home for her lunch.

  32. Dat lijkt mij voor allemaal niet prettig, voor jou niet, je zoon niet, maar ook zijn omgeving niet. Waarom vindt hij het zelf eigenlijk niet erg? Zijn jullie al bij de dokter geweest om het eens voor te leggen? Wie weet komen jullie er dan achter wat de reden is waarom je zoon dit gedrag vertoont. Heel veel succes!

  33. Were The Wire references really on the same level as Julia Roberts pretending to be Julia Roberts in Oceans 12?Oceans 12 turned into a horrific abortion of a movie the minute that scene started. Granted I haven’t seen Cedar Rapids (and I absolutely will based on your review) but I wonder if ‘unforgivable’ is too strong of a reaction to a couple lines of dialogue.

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  35. La pétanque ! Pffffffffffffffff ! les papys de la boule, il ne manquait plus que cela !Pourquoi pas sonner le rassemblement des adoratrices de la bougie ou de la bécasse normande-en-son-sillon-silencieux !Un virus sévirait-il en notre bonne RdL ?????Mince, Le Boug’, depuis que vous voilà tout vérolé, il y a bien qqc qui ne tourne pas rond !Sergio, il est temps de booOOOOOOOOTEerr la Yam. (non, pas votre club de fachos)

  36. Wojtek, jak by to nazwać? staÅ‚ w 10kÄ™ do 10 potÄ™gi, być może to za maÅ‚o, jedno wiem natomiast że niektórym mÅ‚odym parom, które wybraÅ‚y fotografa bez mocniejszej ingerencji w “estetykÄ™ i wyglÄ…d zdjęć” mogÄ… po przeczytaniu tego tekstu Å›nić siÄ™ koszmary jak i również drżenie rÄ…k od przyszÅ‚ego pÅ‚acenia, za coÅ› co można sobie ehem “wsadzić w buty” tak to siÄ™ chyba mówi??

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