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  1. Thats roughly how many came to Charlottesville for this years an event director Richard Herskowitz calls a four-day film course in which the whole country is invited to enroll. Duvall an Academy Award winner and longtime Virginia resident was presented with the Virginia Film Award. Herskowitz is proud to offer the only festival with more speakers than films.

  2. I loved Fallout 3 to pieces. That was the first post-apocalyptic game I played in my free time – it was so engrossing, wandering through the ruined wastes and the decaying buildings. The ending, without the DLC, is a bit disappointing though, I’ll warn you.For whatever reason, though, Fallout: New Vegas just didn’t do it for me, and I got bored after an hour or two. I suppose I was jaded.

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  4. For me every time i talk to my mom about me saving my money im like “im spending my money to go to Cali to see GG… im not joking” I would love to go to a SMTOWN or a concert like this with multi artist but I’m (hopefully)waiting till GG goes on a solo world tour, that way i know its my money well spent! Im hoping for a concert in the midwest (chicago?) since i live couple hrs away, hell even Canada is closer to me than going to cali lmao. I got a question what concert venue would GG appear in if there were to come to canada? what city? Toronto? Got any ideas?

  5. Good grief, the Wicked Witch shouldn’t be teaching kids if she has no concept of the Christmas Spirit and Santa – where on earth is her sense of joy and the magic of childhood??? She has made me crabby – I think you did well to approach it the way you did and I hope there’s a positive outcome for all in the New Year. Sounds like the Wicked Witch needs to learn a lesson (teaching pun intended ;P).

  6. david dit :salutj ai un iphone 3 gs que ma fille a eu l inteligence de faire la mise a jour sur i tunes du fait que maintenant plus rien ne marche il ne reconait plus la sim et n arrive pas a s activer !! et je viens de voir qu il fallait sauvegarder les shsh !! donc si j ai bien compris son iphone et mort maintenant quoi !! et j en fait quoi ?

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  9. hola me llamo dario y me compre un 207 xt y la verdad q es muy buen coche aparte q es re lindo es muy bueno.para la gente q lo critica primero que si no le gusta no c para q pierde el tiempo en criticar ej:dan por dios q desastre mal y segundo q me gustaria saber q autos tienen para criticar,bue se nota q no saben mucho por q fiat no tiene nada q hacer con peugeot es otra cosa fiat es para gente q no tiene guita para comprarse algo mejor bue para q discutir es ponerce a la altura de ustedes

  10. hihi 🙂 jeg har ikke sett en eneste Harry Potter-film – og jeg tror jeg er den eneste i hele verden! hihi 🙂 lenge siden jeg har vært innom deg nÃ¥ 🙂 men, har ikke glemt deg! koselig Ã¥ se magebildene – det gÃ¥r nok raskere denne gangen enn sist! takk for middagstips ogsÃ¥!ha en kjempefin kveld!klem/lisa

  11. I feel for you, Anne – and Anna. I've cried similar tears myself. It's a delicate art, criticism – and not to be undertaken lightly. I think some people get a kick out of destructive criticism – it makes them feel clever. Though we may need to know these things, how we are told makes all the difference.

  12. The book is available for purchase at Mayo Clinic-affiliated retail outlets on each Mayo campus. The proceeds will support patient care, education and research at Mayo. Those off-campus can order the book through Mayo Clinic Stores for $12.95 at 888-303-9354 (toll-free) or .

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  14. I say the return to a ‘state’ after a period of anarchy or what you want to name it, is inevitable… because what has also been indoctrinated is that a ruler is what one should aspire to be(so the state actually has the approval of being an abuser, by the members of the state). it is actually proven to be so by the french revolution..where once the bourgoisie was whiped out, a new order of opressors claimed power, because there was no one? to deny them of it.maybe we should try again..forscience

  15. DLS It's remarkable enough that you're so far to the left of the US public (inviting correction at will by many). But to rely on extremists and nut-cases as guest contributors — the generously tiny remonstration has made you very, very lucky.

  16. In the run up to the 10th anniversary of 911, the Muslim propaganda machine will be working flat out, trying to put their spin on the attack, and in particular promoting their obscene Ground Zero Victory Mosque as a 'peace offering'.You can find everything you need (and more besides) to counteract all Islamic propaganda in one single webpage at If you find this resource useful, please go viral with it.

  17. Bligh keeps it classy. Once upon a time it was the ALP complaining about paternalistic policies and the Nats running around claiming all aboriginals were drunks.“Ms Bligh on Thursday accused Liberal National Party (LNP) leader Campbell Newman of trying to “buy Aboriginal votes with grog”.Deputy Premier Andrew Fraser backed Ms Bligh, saying Mr Newman was “sly-grogging for votes”.

  18. I also thought of West when it was reported that the twolves were planning to waive him. If the lakers pick him up off waivers, do they assume the contract? or can they sign him using only the vets minimum?But I guess he is facing suspension from the league and will be under house arrest. don’t you think Artest, Barnes, and West may be too much too many volatile personalities in one team?

  19. Encore encore encore encore encore encoreje suis prête à continuer jusqu’à ce que ma voix partant de la nation arrive à la concordeencore encore encore encore encorej’en veux pleins d’autres des belles histoires que tu racontes très justement et des recettes à fondre de plaisir.C’est lui qui a plublié un livre en noir & blanc sur Pékin ?

  20. Before I knew who Russell Brand was, I heard him interviewed on Fresh Air about his book, “My Little Booky Wook.” I was impressed then how well spoken and intelligent he was so I am not surprised by his articles in The Guardian about the riots and the untimely death of Amy Winehouse. I’m not interested in seeing his movies but I am a fan.

  21. ‘Ah yes, television – that insignificant influence on public opinion.’Something which seems often to be passed over in many of the debates over impartiality, especially in areas of controversy or tribal support.This is a £4Bpa PR, A&P organisation with 24/7 access to broadcast and online access throughout the UK and beyond.And, unlike more vilified media claimed monopolies, it is uniquely funded by all in this country who seek to use a screen with the capacity to receive a signal…. in 2011, in a world of limitless global IT capability.Oh, and unlike my choice of MP based on satisfaction with performance, I don’t get a vote. Ever.   0 likes

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  23. Salty, I had deduced, having observed the problem the yellow RX7 was having in turn 4, that maybe I shouldn’t follow him through turn 7.That looks more like a clean pass than a shunt. Stuff happens pretty fast out there.I tried to tell the officials that they didn’t want me to start from the back – you should complain to them.

  24. BEEP Beep beep station Florida to Mep, come in Mep….over.Why is there never any press about the UN Security Council? Does anyone here know who is the sitting delegate on that council for their perspective country: well, permanent seats are for the NuclearGang;US, UK, France, China, RussiaThey get veto rights, and no one else does. And then there are the non-permanent rotators.But I can’t find photos or much news. It’s as though it is an open secret that the Security Council is in charge of the Afghan war.

  25. They call their promotional series "Next Big Thing", but it's a bit of a misleading title. It's not always about "big events", but more to create hype for upcoming story lines and new creative teams. I like the approach to this one. It's a five issue arc; each issue is basically stand alone and will feature crazy team ups and crazy action, but it seems like there's a larger story at play behind it all.

  26. “Girlfriend, you gotta try some Chanel! Start slowly, with a tube of Aqualumiere lip gloss or Exceptionnel mascara.”I got a bottle of Vamp nail polish back whenever “Interview with the Vampire” came out (yeah, I was a weird little kid who liked vampires)–I bugged my mom for it because I had read about it in “Us Weekly” (before it went all neon and tabloid-y)–and haven’t been back to a counter since. It’s probably time to return. The eyeshadow quads look redonkulously awesome every time I read about them here!

  27. आमची यु.पी.एस.सी ची पोरे स्टडी सर्कल मधली फ़ार मिष्किल अन मार्मिक असतात, एकाने त्यांचे “महाराष्ट्र माझा” हे हवाई फ़ोटोंचे पुस्तक पाहीले अवलोकले अन त्याच्यावर कंसात महाराष्ट्र माझा (सातव्या आस्मानातुन!!!!) असे लिहिले होते लॉल्झ!!!!!

  28. Ah, but underage sex is okay, underage drinking is wrong, and underage smoking is Pure Evil. Though I suppose you could have some funny stuff where the alchemy students can brew poison unsupervised, but have to be watched like hawks and do a lot of paperwork when they make beer. I suppose the adult teachers could force themselves to test and taste the beer. For the good of the children.

  29. I am so excited that Bonnie is here!! She was one of my first friends in the blogging world, and I love her dearly, as I'm sure you will when you meet her. =]I've read her first book, Daughter of Lot, and love it. Daughter of Scarlet sounds fabulous, too!(ps–the links on the post about the Bible study are fixed now and these links are tested, so you can easily find out where the study is and how to join us.) Welcome, Bonnie! I'm so you're here! =] Hugs!

  30. Ah the old “sexual compatibility” argument. I’ve had some non-mormons practically foaming at the mouth trying to sell me on its virtues. What I always respond is this, “Okay, so let’s say you are madly in love with someone and then you have pre-marital sex and find you’re not “sexually compatible”…are you gonna just kick them to the curb? ‘I’m sorry I love you, but we’re not sexually compatibile. See ya!’” I mean really…do people do this? Would they not just work through their problems?

  31. As a former Philly resident, the treatment of 5 has always annoyed me. Here’s a guy that plays hurt, has been a star for the Eagles, and is gentlemen to the max. And everyone hates on him. The white fans would rather have a white QB, the black fans hate him cause he’s not black enough. It’s such horseshit. I hope dude goes home to the Chi next year and the Eagles go 4-12. Now go G-Men. PS. Lay of Tiki. He’s another dude that catches way too much heat for being who he is.

  32. עובדת במסגרת “אופק חדש”, אולם עד היום לא הומר שכרי כנדרש, למרות הבטחות המנהלת לדיון בענייני בוועדת החריגים. עד מתי עליי להמתין?? הרי עוד מעט תסתיים לה שנת עבודתי!!

  33. Azz che bello!Esteticamente è realizzato veramente bene. Per le funzionalità, però, bisognerà provarlo…Il mio vecchio Mighty Mouse è durato una settimana sulla mia scrivania. Passato lo sfizio sono felicemente tornato al mio Logitech G7 (e sto adocchiando il nuovo Logitech® Performance Mouse MX™)…

  34. Kaffe og chokolade går altid vel hånd-i-hånd. Og fine er de!Er det perfektionen der har holdt dig fra at lave dem tidligere? Sådan har jeg det lidt med konditori-verdenen, men det er jo noget fis, for ja, hjemmegjort er afgjort meget charmerende! Og i sidste ende er det jo smagen det handler om, ikk´?

  35. Basiu,ja pamietam z czasow w Polsce mialam taka pokrecona szefowa, co kuchnie owszem wyposazyla, ale wszelkie proby przygotowania tam czegos procz kawy czy herbaty byly karana nagana 🙂 Bo co to za zapachy po firmie beda sie roznosily… Szkoda nawet wspominac, ale tak mi sie przypomnialo jak czytalam o Twoich miedzynarodowych ucztach. Lubie takie zgromadzenia, bardzo. A sledzie przygotuje tacie, tyle, ze z jalowcem, pomysalam o nim a widze, ze Lo tez tak zamierza, chociazw ten sposob uzyskam te jagodowa nute… Serdecznosci,Anna

  36. The first thing I’d suspect is that someone has cracked (hmm, I seem to use “hack” with a different definition to google also) the site and set it to redirect if the user comes from google, but not otherwise so it would go undetected for longer (quite clever). Just a vague theory, but worth looking at.

  37. (pravdÄ›podobnÄ› Karel?) … Asi to bude tím, že Kristus je pravda.Hm, a nebo to bude tím, že Ty si myslíš, že Kristus je pravda… Nebo bys chtÄ›l, aby byl Kristus pravda, protože si myslíš že pak by lidé jako ty mÄ›li věčný život…

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  39. I like getting older. It doesn’t bother me one bit. It’s better than the alternative, right? And I’ll keep reminding myself of this when I hit double-3 in two weeks. But in all seriousness, the important part is making the most of the time we have. Everyone kept telling us that my dad was too young to go – and at a day shy of 58, he was. But he crammed an awful lot into those years. Some people don’t manage to do so much in 80 or 90 years. In some ways it’s a consolation.

  40. Yes, yes! Helt sikkert Julie.Alle nyhedsbrevsmodtagere deltager i konkurrencen om Seed barnevognen. BÃ¥de nye som “gamle”. Det er mest fair – og sÃ¥dan regner jeg egentlig med, at alle fremtidige konkurrencer skal forløbe. Der vil altid blive trukket lod blandt modtagere af nyhedsbrevet. Uanset hvor længe, de har været modtagere. Man skal sandelig ikke straffes, for at være en “gammel, trofast læser”. God søndag!Mange hilsnerAnette

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  42. Aquela habilidade do 1º de Maio foi, efectivamente, de merceeiro de bairro sem ofensa para os que o são. Desde esse altura os preços praticamente aumentaram em tudo, igualando-se, no mínimo, com os praticados no Continente. Diminuíram a oferta obrigando as pessoas a comprar o que eles lá têm, para não irem a outro. Desde aquele dia só lá vou comprar poucas coisas que sei, à partida, que me podem interessar. De resto compro tudo noutros sítios e não vou ao Corte Inglês…

  43. I was so excited to find this recipe. I am Ecuadorian and my (HUGE) family is from Ecuador. They’re from Santa Rosa. The closest cities to them would be Machala, Cuenca, or Loja. What’s funny is my family makes encebollado all the time, but ours is a salad. We use red onions, cucumber, tomato, radishes, cilantro, lime, and salt and serve it over rice or with plantain chips.It’s so funny how one small little country can have so many variations of the same kinds of foods.I’m so glad I found your blog, and look forward to reading more recipes.

  44. “What rules are those? Ms. Pac seems to make up the rules as she goes along!”It was the job of the petition organizers to KNOW those rules up, down and sidewise to make sure the job was done right. It was THEIR failure to do so that’s throwing a monkey wrench in the works, not Ms. Pac.

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  46. Actually I would partition the USB drive like Jeff meant:Configure partion 1 as Linux (I’d recommend making this at least 512Mb. The default bare-bones installation uses 280Mb.) Configure partion 2 as Linux Swap (I used 256MB. Adjust according to your anticipated memory usage.) Set partition 1 activeSounds like he doesn’t find anything on the USB drive…

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