*En el marco de la semana de la moda de Milán, Bulgari presentó su capsule collection de accesorios en colaboración con el reconocido diseñador inglés Nicholas Kirkwood.

El Hotel Bulgari Milán fue el escenario perfecto para revelar la última reinterpretación de la colección de bolsos Serpenti Forever, que con su icónico broche en forma de cabeza de serpiente, ahora vuelve a hipnotizar con aplicaciones en estoperoles y patrones en zigzag sobre la piel; evocando el movimiento de las escamas del mítico reptil que se ha convertido en un bastión de la marca.

Prensa internacional, socialités e invitados VIP asistieron a una exclusiva fiesta para conocer la nueva capsule collection BVLGARI X NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD; entre ellos Bella Hadid, embajadora de accesorios de la Maison, Nicholas Kirkwood, Lottie Moss, Caroline Vreeland, Jasmine Sanders, la princesa Lilly Zu Sayn Wittgenstein Berleburg, Jon Kortajarena, Nieves Álvarez, Tamu McPherson, Natalia Osman, Jessica Jung, Tina Leung, Susie Lau y Denni Elias.

*Comunicado de Prensa

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  2. ahh!beta channels suck.point blank.i dont think we should be forced to switch to these channels.we should have a choice! old channels are the shiznit and beta channels are just stupid.why doesnt the youtube staff understand that most of us DONT.WANT.TO.SWITCH.seriously.

  3. times & each time I do, I still conclude that he’s talking about Mayor Fischer when he mentions him acting like a 10 y/o with a failing business. In that paragraph, the Mayor is the only identified subject to which any susequent references can be made. Nowhere does he mention the Rays organization or Stu Sternberg. Admittedly, I could be wrong b/c he is unclear who he’s talking about in 1st paragraph; I think it’s the Marlins, in reference to comment preceding his.Many good comments followed, so maybe the confusion was good

  4. aristofane scrive:Tu, dall’alto della tua conoscenza profondissima e impareggiabile del rugby, hai già giudicato non da nazionale Iannone solo perché, per te, non ha un fisico adeguato! Magari poi critichi anche il progetto statura! Potrà anche non aver fatto un’ottima partita, ma lasciamoli crescere i nostri giocatori, senza dargli dei “bolliti” a vent’anni! Poi se vuoi criticare un giocatore ti prego di farlo per motivi validi, non perchè non è abbastanza grosso…

  5. Ils concernent 50 grands groupes français à qui Riposte Verte et ses partenaires d’étude rappellent qu’en tant qu’importants utilisateurs de papier, ils doivent mettre en place une politique papier responsable, pilier d’une politique RSE, pour diminuer les impacts de ce secteur sur l’environnement.+1

  6. Pour moi ce sera mouvement. Si je veux arriver à quelque chose cette année, il va falloir aller de l'avant dans tous les domaines d'ailleurs et ne surtout pas me laisser à l'immobilisme et la paresse (qui sont si confortables et auxquelles je succombe si souvent).C'est un joli exercice, je vais voir si j'arrive à m'y tenir…

  7. Valencia CF is interested in bringing CA Osasuna central defender Alejandro Arribas to its rank in the summer. Valencia CF only has 3 central defenders right now and with Victor Ruiz being transformed into a defensive midfielder the club is going to need defensive reinforcements in the summer and Alejandro Arribas fits the profile.

  8. I agree. I’ve been on weight watchers over 1 1/2 years now; lost 80 lbs and sometimes I get frustrated with some of the questions some people ask me but I don’t come off rude like Jennifer did. It was a legitimate question. If she didn’t want to answer, she should have just ignore the question.

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  10. Augustine Kofie and Jaybo Monk presented new work for their one day show at Soze Gallery’s new Location in Los Angeles. The show titled “Conversations” focuses on recent studio sessions involving both artists. The talented Scott La Rockwell was able to document some of the work and released this video teaser for the show. Unconventional in approach, Soze Galley allows the artists to freely create and curate their collaboration. via Graffuturism.

  11. 12:30 am, October 27, 2012|I agree with doomas10. The first one is SO good and does not get the credit it deserves. I don’t hold much stock in this one, though. The reason the first one worked was because of Christophe Gans’ incredibly talented flair for blending special effects with the real world. He made it look like art.

  12. Paolo, hai presente la montagna di carta che viene approvata in un consiglio dei ministri? Pensi che davvero un ministro abbia il tempo di leggersi tutto? Con tutto ciò che ha da fare?Ecco, uno si fida, si deve fidare. Sperando che i colleghi non facciano boiate. Se uno non si fida del ministro collega allora si che è tragico

  13. Não sei se alguém já se deu ao trabalho de ir ler o Novo Regime das SAD’s que foi regulamentado há pouco tempo. Ele preconiza esta última solução a que aludi.PS: Com muita pena minha não consigo vislumbrar mais caminho nenhum. Um ou mais investidores que nós permitam trilhar um caminho semelhante ao Manchester City.

  14. very interesting. it is reminiscent of a group of men in south africa who also have adopted that same hobby of collecting designer suits and attire that boosts their morale despite the poverty they reside in. try to search for it, because i can’t quite remember what they were called..

  15. Vártam már Å‘ket, annyira csinoskák, a kedvencem továbbra is az a csodás zöld pisztáciás. Valószínűleg, mert rendkívüli a vonzalmam a zöldhöz. 🙂 De örülök, hogy ennyire tetszett az ötlet! 🙂

  16. You are correct of course but this test is for all the people who think they will make it into Heaven on a scale of “goodness”. De test illustreert precies wat zou een persoon in aanmerking komen als goed genoeg in Gods ogen om in de hemel naar Zijn standaard. Je moet perfect zijn in gedachten, woorden en daden vanaf de geboorte tot de dood met nul fouten. It is an impossible standard to meet on a scale of “goodness” and that is the whole point. Zonder Jezus, Er is geen hoop voor de redding heeft voor ieder mens.

  17. 28 Kasım 2007 Merhaba Nil_lin,Minik Bebek’e ek olarak ben de vermiyorum kızımızı, bak ben kötü bir evlilik tecrübesi yaÅŸadım. Allah herkese mutlu bir evlilik nasip etsin.Bu arada projelerin için yardımcı olabilir miyim bilmiyorum fakat benim elimde bir ton ödev ve araÅŸtırma var. Bir Endüstri Mühendisi olarak faydam olacaksa hemen söyle.

  18. I don’t know about Ray. I really would like to see his films myself, but I need to travel to the East coast to do it. If his films compare favorably with what Bennewitz was seing, perhaps that can also mean that they were witnessing the same or similar (human) technology. I don’t know. That’s just a guess. It’s a little selfish, but I find it hard to listen to other paranormal shows, because I keep waiting for them to get to the points I want covered!

  19. According to NorMan GoldMan, we are Winning on the Cultural Wars – gays can now openly join and fight in the military, gays can marry – or soon will be able to, in All states, etc. A woman’s right to chose is Still the law, no matter how the crazy right fights against it (and their chipping away and smashing away is a True Danger, of course). But, Culturally, we are winning.It’s on the $$$ front, says Norm, that we are losing.At any rate, the “cultural” issues cannot be divorced from the Progressive movement w/o doing violence to it and twisting it into something it’s not meant to be, imo.

  20. point (d) assurance of self, assurance of looks, assurance of being liked are also things which I would say rest at about 45% with this wife of mine. So a 90% in the assurance of salvation department aint too bad! Lucky for you the Spirit testifies that we are airs, not our percentage of certainty.

  21. Yeah, this is pretty much why I refuse to read comment sections on any of the MSM news sites. I'm worried that the drivel posted by the mouth-breathers will cause my brain to strangle my optic nerves to prevent any IQ loss. Physically impossible I know, but if they can believe irregardless is a word I can believe that.

  22. Susan, you are a very generous woman and this was a rotten thing to happen to you, made even worse with the use of the items taken :/I hope you come out of this knowing that you touch many people in real life and here online. We all care about you. Please let us know if we can help in any way.

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  24. is advertising more valuable than medicine? uh, ooh, let me see..clearly not. but doctors and nurses get to work until they’re 65. we don’t. and if you have children to put through college, as i do, that’s a seriously big real problem. not a subject for theoretical philosphical musing. rnb: we generate more wealth by driving the capitalist consumer engine. would have thought that was obvious. we have an outsized effect on society through the media. and way more stress to deal with than any so-called “doctor”.

  25. I am very disappointed indeed to see that the Skegness Council has removed the official,dare I say, legal and historical crest from the Chain of Office of the Mayor.The origional crest was derived from one of Lord Lumley’s which is on the tomb of his first wife Lady Jane Fitzalan (d 1577)in The Lumley Chapel, Cheam, Surrey – five miles from our home.My question is did the Council approach the present Lord Lumley on this matter?

  26. I don’t think there is any car which is under 10 years old that will recreate the JNC driving experience. Part of the experience is the water leaking through the seals when it rains, the car randomly breaking down in the middle of the night and that constant smell of petrol fumes. In terms of driving experience, the older cars just had less gadgets in them so even jumping into my ’94 180SX from my parents ’10 Forester feels like i’m driving a go-kart. Not even the NC MX5 feels like that anymore… sad times.

  27. Ο Βις αναφέρεται σε θεωρίες, επαληθευμένες με πολλαπλές εμπειρίες. Και ανθρωποκεντρισμός βασισμένος στον μηδενισμό, δηλ. την άρνηση της πραγματικότητος {“Ευρωπαϊκός Μηδενισμός” Νίτσε} αποτελεί σολοικισμό. Έχεις σχολιάσει και καλύτερα…

  28. That was my first thought too. Not only is the “pornification” a tacky design, but it’s boring too. She looks like practically every other thin, scantily-clad humanoid female character in recent video games. She doesn’t exactly give off “god-like” vibes. A design closer to the actual depiction of Kali would not only be truer to the source, but would also be more appealing/unique.

  29. Speaking of Ronald Reagan.. I would suggest you watch the movie ‘Tripper’. Wonderfully funny but also extrmeley political.I vote for Obama.. although he may not have the greatest experience or ideas for international policies, his intentions are good for the American people. And well they have to start somewhere!

  30. És un nom que poca gent cita i coneix, però que segons alguns és més complet que els pesos pesants coetanis amb qui va viure. Se l’ha considerat a vegades com el màxim exponent d’una segona fila de poetes, solapada per la primera línia d’aquests coetanis, però jo crec que ha d’estar en aquesta fila de ‘vaques sagrades’.

  31. adminSeptember 6, 2008At vero eos et accusamus et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus qui blanditiis praesentium voluptatum deleniti atque corrupti quos dolores et quas molestias excepturi sint occaecati cupiditate non provident, similique sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollitia animi, id est laborum et dolorum fuga. Et harum quidem rerum facilis est et expedita distinctio.

  32. This has to be a hoax…. no really, it must! Everything he does, someone, somewhere on the planet has told him “you are the best at (_______), I have never seen anything as amazing as you, I can’t believe you are not a professional (_______),” he then tells us it is because he has amazing focus/skill/briliance (at EVERYTHING), and then he posts a video where he proceeds to suck it, hard. And, he has an absolutely atrocious command of the English language to boot. Kade, if this blog is a hoax, it is briliant and hilarious. If not… uh, well, yeah.

  33. Paul Schatz, President of Heritage Capital”Like most investors, Schatz is of the mind that it’s not a matter of ”if” but “when” it’s going to act, and has been calling for multiple QE’s since the first one was floated in 2008.“We’re well on our way to a $5 trillion Fed balance sheet,” he says.All I know is I better get a f*cking pony.

  34. One type that hasn’t been brought up in the comments are the type who are typically ignored by men, both those who are “pigs” and those who are respectable. I’m one of them. Where are the others? At 27, I’m at a point where I’d like some attention from men. Granted, I don’t desire the negative attention, but *something* would be nice. I’d like to know I’ve got some qualities that are desirable by the respectable men out there, but I’m starting to think I don’t have enough, or that what I do have isn’t desirable. I’ve got plenty of faults, but I do try to put my best foot forward when engaging with others. *Sigh* I’m tired of being overlooked.

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